The Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC) has a membership base of over 520 companies and individuals, highly active and knowledgeable about the countries and economic regions of the SACC.

The SACC supports all its members in their business activities and provides assistance in starting, expanding and maintaining a business in this important region by offering the following advantages of an SACC membership:

  • Specific events and activities aimed at adding value to your economic and business relations between Switzerland and Asia
  • Networking opportunities for privileged contacts with politicians, decision-makers, businessmen and tomorrow’s leaders in business and politics in the region
  • broad network of contacts in business and governments
  • a business-minded approach and tailor-made information
  • platforms to access the exchange of experiences and knowledge with other members, with hands-on experience needed by companies and individuals doing business in the area
  • access to our partner organisations in the region, which provide information, local know-how and contacts, or even initial research on the spot.
  • biannual issue of the SACC Journal, a magazine keeping you abreast of topical issues and provides in-depth information in the SACC Journal

Join the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce – we look forward to welcoming you as a member!

Membership Application Form

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    Company Abroad will pay according the same structure and regulations in Switzerland

    SACC Young Professional (up to 35yrs only) 150 CHF

    Individual Member - 350 CHF

    Small Company (up to 250 employees) - 750 CHF

    Medium Sized Company (up to 1000 empl.) - 1200 CHF

    Large Company (over 1000 employees) - 2400 CHF

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